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“A design that looks good on paper but is difficult to execute is not a good design.” Why should Engineers at consultancy firms go outside to the construction site as much as they can?

Lately I was scrolling through my photo albums, I came across those photos taken at work. That prompted me to reflect on the 4 years I spent at MH Poly Consultants & Engineers.

Early in my career, I was mostly sitting behind a desk designing and calculating. However, as an Engineer you are typically a problem solver. Solving problems usually requires creativity and out of the box thinking.
In my opinion, with limited experience, ones creativity is limited to their imagination and textbook examples or past projects.

As the days passed, I got the opportunity to go out more often to witness construction activities, hoisting activities, immersion of tunnels and more.

Now I feel more confident about my design after seeing them work, and most importantly see the other side of the spectrum, how are people on site going to execute it and take it into consideration when designing.

Therefore, I would advise my fellow engineers to do the same, go out when you can.

– Ahmed Mohamed

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