Project - Watertight structure Mölndalsån – E05 Korsvägen

Watertight structure Mölndalsån – E05 Korsvägen

Project description

The West Link Connection (Västlänken) in Sweden is a double-track railway, stretching up to 8 kilometers in length, being constructed as an underground tunnel system beneath the center of Gothenburg. E05 Korsvägen is a component of this significant railway project. Within this district, a railway tunnel of approximately 3.2 kilometers will be established. Additionally, one of the three planned metro stations will be situated at Korsvägen, due to its crucial role in Gothenburg’s transportation network. Notably, this area houses numerous tourist attractions such as the World Culture Museum, Liseberg Amusement Park and the Universeum.

Throughout the construction phase, it is important that these popular destinations remain accessible to the public. While the subterranean activities are underway, all above-ground logistics, including road traffic, trams, power, and gas supplies, must continue to function normally.

A railway tunnel is also being constructed beneath the Mölndals River, situated in the Korsvägen district. A temporary aqueduct – a type of viaduct for waterways – is being employed to ensure that life around the river can persist during construction, allowing the river to flow and exist uninterrupted.

About MH Poly and this project

During the bidding process, MH Poly, in collaboration with Züblin, developed an alternative solution to the temporary aqueduct, which can be implemented during the construction of the railway tunnel. This approach enables the river to keep flowing while simultaneously progressing with the construction of the tunnel beneath the river. A sealing concept was introduced to ensure a watertight connection between the construction pit and the aqueduct, preventing water from entering the pit.

MH Poly has devised the basic and detailed design of the abutment between the aqueduct and the construction pit made of pipe piles. The construction pit beneath the river consists of an arrangement of pipe piles. The abutment is designed to fit over these pipe piles, serving as a support structure for placing or resting the aqueduct.

The upper part of the abutment is finished with two independently functioning rubber seals and an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene block (UHMWPE block) on top. This block incorporates an incredibly strong plastic fiber capable of bearing the weight of the aqueduct.

In conjunction with Trelleborg, MH Poly has engineered a unique form of the UHMWPE bearing block, capable of distributing forces from both the abutment and the block itself when the pile pipe wall deflects during various excavation and construction phases.

Project activities
  • Abutment Design
    • Design of rubber seals and UHMWPE block in collaboration with Trelleborg
    • Design of steel structure
  • Pin Connection Design
  • Development of an Execution Phasing Plan
  • Design of a Guiding System
  • Performing Design Calculations
  • Creation of a 3D Model
  • Preparation of Drawings