Project - Re-calculation slipway Santiago de Cuba

Re-calculation slipway Santiago de Cuba

Project description

Commissioned by Damen Shipyards, MH Poly has re-calculated an existing (not yet assembled) slipway located at Santiago de Cuba. The original foundation construction appeared to have insufficient bearing capacity to support the desired (heavier) ships. Two options are designed where the foundation construction was optimized, so the foundation could support ships up to 800 metric ton. In the option, which was ultimately chosen, the GLP-beams were cut in half to restrict the deflection of the beams. Also extra pad-footings were added to distribute the weight of the ships. The concrete floor in the main shed is also re-designed, so the floor could support the heavier ships as well.

Project activities

- Check existing design and review;
- Variants study;
- Shop drawings of the steel and concrete construction;
- Support project management.