Project - Oil Terminal Constanta, Romania

Oil Terminal Constanta, Romania


Oil Terminal Constanta, Romania

Project description

The client is planning on developing an oil terminal / refinery in the Island area,
centrally located in the port of Constanta in Romania. Crude and heavy oil will be
delivered to the storage tanks by crude carriers over the Black Sea and crude and white
products will be exported over sea by product and parcel tankers. For the loading and
unloading of the tankers, a sea terminal is needed.

For the development of the storage tanks, MH Poly carried out a Feasibility Study for the
sea terminal section and un/loading facilities from and to the sea terminal and tanks. The
main focus of this study was to give a first insight in the optimal layout of the sea

Project activities

- Feasibility study in which items such as mooring configuration and jetty layout are sketched;
- Preliminary concept design of the mooring configuration;
- Preliminary concept design of jetty layout with cranes and more.