Project - Preliminary waterbed investigation and remediation plan Beneden-IJssel, Netherlands

Preliminary waterbed investigation and remediation plan Beneden-IJssel, Netherlands

Project description

MH Poly has done a preliminary investigation of the waterbed at Beneden-Ijssel (province Overijssel) over the period October 2014 – March 2015 and made also a remediation plan. This is commissioned by consortium BAM Infra / Van den Herik Twentekanalen V.O.F..

For this project, the following work was undertaken:

- Preliminary investigation of the waterbed according to NEN-5720;
- Remediation plan, phase 2 and phase 2B;
- Preparation permit request for dredging material deposit at deposit location “IJsseloog”;
- Waterbed immission tests.
The main goal of the investigation was to increase the insight in the quality of the to be dredged material. In addition the existence of asbestos in the waterbed is also investigated.

A total of 20 samples areas were taken from the waterways which has a total length of 5 km. In accordance with the standards and protocol 200 samples were bored. Field work is done by protocol 2003 certified employees of MH Poly. A crane vessel with spud poles was needed to acquire the samples. The borings are drilled till the maximum depth of 5 metres. A Vibro-Corer was used to obtain the samples.

For the chemical composition over 80 mixed samples are investigated at the laboratory with the standard C2 package for fresh water. Together with the chemical investigation the sand size and the possible amount of asbestos are investigated.