Project - MOSE project: Dry habitat for constructional under water work

MOSE project: Dry habitat for constructional under water work

Project description

Currently the MOSE project is being realized in Venice. The three inlets in the lagoon can be closed in case the water level is getting too high.
The flood barrier which has to protect Venice against the raising sea level, consists of three inlets which can temporarily isolate the lagoon by tilting hollow steel compartments in concrete caissons from the sea bed.

Last year (2014) Strukton Immersion Projects succesfully immersed the concrete caissons at the most southern inlet of the lagoon: Chioggia.
For the execution of additional constructional under water work, Strukton was asked to design and install a Habitat.

Project activities

The constructional work activities have to be carried out in a totally dry environment at approximately 11 meters below the sea level. MH Poly has, in a team of specialists, contributed an important part of the engineering for the design of a large atmospheric Habitat. The engineering consisted of stress and stability (internal and external) calculations of the Habitat, the design of the rubber sealings, drawings for execution. To prevent floating of the concrete caissons the volume of the Habitat had to be limited.

In januari 2015 the design of the Habitat started, after 6 months (in june) the Habitat was succesfully placed, pumped dry and released for the constructional work activities.

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