Project - MOSE project: Design immersion pontoon for storm surge barrier in Venice

MOSE project: Design immersion pontoon for storm surge barrier in Venice


MOSE project: Design immersion pontoon for storm surge barrier in Venice

Project description

Venice sank about 23 centimeters the last 100 years and in the meanwhile the global water level is rising. The Italian Government decided in 2001 to build a flood barrier, called the MOSE project. The MOSE project should protect Venice from high water levels. The barrier consists of 78 hollow steel doors that are placed in recesses in the three openings that connect the lagoon of Venice with the sea.

Project scope

At this mega project, with a construction period of over 10 years, many parties are involved. Also MH Poly contributes by designing the immersion pontoon for placing the concrete caissons into a recess in the seabed at Chioggia opening. The design of the pontoon has been established in close cooperation with immersion contractor Strukton. Several extensive model tests have been performed at Deltares, in order to investigate the dynamic behavior of this immersion pontoon.

One of the challenges of this project was the brief lead time for the design of the hoisting possibilities till the delivery of the final design: it needed all to be done in only nine weeks! The team of MH Poly has succeeded, together with our partner Haak & Van Ham, in an advantageous and economic design for our customer.

Project activities

- Preliminary design and concept development based on the design base;
- Making numerical model of the pontoon for dynamic behavior analysis (waves);
- Stability calculation of the pontoon in accordance to DNV/RINA;
- Alternatives study with various types of lifting frames;
- Basic and detailed design of the complete lifting structure including decklayout and outfitting;
- Strength calculation of the existing pontoon with the new lifting configuration (3D model in Scia Engineer);
- Weight calculation 60-ton winches and ship drawings;
- Strength calculation of the lower block attachment point of the caisson;
- Strength calculation of the 500 ton lifting blocks;
- Detailed drawings of the lifting frame, fixing point and deck-layout;
- 3D model of the pontoon with caisson in Inventor;
- Assistance monitoring immersion process.

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