Project - Immersed tunnel in Santos, Brazil

Immersed tunnel in Santos, Brazil


Immersed tunnel in Santos, Brazil

Project description

The city of Santos is located near the biggest metropolitan area of South-America, Sao Paulo. On the western bank of Canal do Porto de Santos, the main access channel to the port, the city of Santos is located, on the eastern bank the city of Guarujá is located. Several bridge and tunnel options on different locations were studied to improve the connection between Santos and Guarujá. After an extensive study of various alternatives, an immersed tunnel was chosen to construct. MH Poly has been asked by the client to advise, support and check the general tunnel design and all immersion related items.

Project activities

- Production of a Design Basis for immersion of the tunnel elements;
- Advise, support and check on alternatives and costs of the immersion design;
- Advise, support and check on immersion related engineering items;
- Design and advise on the immersion survey system;
- Design and advise on winching and warping system;
- Advise and coaching in drawing up the necessary method statements and checklists for execution;
- General advice and consultancy on the design and construction of immersed tunnels;
- Geotechnical advice and consultancy.

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