Project - Habitat for a slipway renovation at Galati, Romania

Habitat for a slipway renovation at Galati, Romania

Project description

MH Poly has designed a habitat for the refurbishment of a slipway which consists of 16 ramps, situated along the Danube in Romania. This habitat is a watertight and dry environment (overpressure) suitable for two divers. The habitat is riding over a temporary rail profile. The wheels on the rail profile can pulled in hydraulically, so the habitat is lowered on its position after that the side flaps can be lowered (also hydraulic) so that the water can be pushed out the habitat by raising the air pressure.

Project activities

- 3D visualization of the existing slipway, inclusive the underwater part with a length of 46 metres;
- Drawing of the flowchart for the repair process;
- Strength calculations (check existing slipway and design of the habitat);
- Shop drawings;
- Engineering of the guide rail.

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