Project - Busan-Geoje Fixed Link, Korea

Busan-Geoje Fixed Link, Korea

Project description

The Busan–Geoje Fixed Link is an 8.2 kilometers bridge-tunnel fixed link. The route connects Busan, Korea's largest port city, to the shipbuilding industries and tourism destinations on Geoje Island. It replaces either a three and one half-hour journey by road or a two-hour journey by ferry. MH Poly designed the complete immersion pontoons for the immersed tunnel under Lloyds approval, including deck layout and hoisting system. When it opened, the tunnel became the world’s deepest immersed roadway tunnel (48 meters) below mean water level) and the world’s second-longest concrete immersed tunnel, at 3.2 kilometers.

Project activities

- Design basis for immersion;
- Design of the immersion pontoon;
- Design of the deck layout and hoisting system.


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