Project - (Temporarily) relocating mooring locations Houthaven, Amsterdam

(Temporarily) relocating mooring locations Houthaven, Amsterdam

Project description

In Amsterdam it was necessary to (temporary) relocate several houseboats due to the constructions at the Houthaven. The houseboats will return to a permanent mooring location after completion of the constructions in the Houthaven. This will be done in multiple phases. The relocation of the houseboats will have an effect on the floating moorings which, in addition the houseboats will also have to be relocated. The main contribution of MH Poly was inspection and advising during the relocation of the floating moorings.

Project activities

- Meeting on location for the first construction meeting;
- Plan for the footbridge and stairs;
- Inspection of the work drawing of the footbridge and stairs;
- Adjusting work specifications;
- Preparation of the work specifications including the associated appendixes;
- Preparation of the pre-tender information;
- Preparation of the price comparison and official report documents.