Project - Engineering and supervision L-Jetty

Engineering and supervision L-Jetty


Engineering and supervision L-Jetty


Engineering and supervision of a new L-Jetty. A Jetty that facilitates the required handling capacity of the terminal.

Project description

A petrochemical storage company in Antwerp needed a new Jetty. The current jetties were insufficient for the volumes passing though the terminal. The high occupancy of the current jetties was also one of the challenges. Therefore a solution was needed to increase the handling capacity. A solution was found by building a new jetty in the shape of an “L”.

This L-Jetty facilitates fifteen dedicated pipelines. Ships at berthing place can pump product to tanks, other jetties or right away to another ship (board to board operation). After unloading, the ships and lines can be cleaned by nitrogen, present at the new jetty. These various options of the L-Jetty increases the availability and capacity significant. Furthermore the new jetty was build future proof, by leaving enough space in the construction to place additional lines if needed. Onshore a new weight bridge (pre-fill station) was built as part of the project. This pre-fill station makes it possible to pre-pump lines in a safe way.

  • L-Jetty is 150 meters by 150 meters long
  • Offshore concrete platform underneath the hosetower
  • Hosetower is made of steel
  • 144 foundation piles for the offshore construction
  • 21 berthing and mooring piles

During construction, the pipeline bridge and the hosetower were constructed in several compartments at the contractors site. The concrete and steel elements of the offshore construction were all built onshore. As soon as an element was completed, including piping, the finished element was picked up, transported and placed with crane pontoons. The hosetower was built in one piece (305 tons) and brought over after it was completed and tested onshore. By building in elements onshore, working above water was reduced to a minimum. This construction method decreased the risks people falling into water and increased the reachability during construction.

Project activities
  • Set up of 3D model
  • Generate P&ID’s and equipment lists
  • Engineering of piping and generating isometrics
  • Create and update (construction)planning
  • Take part in construction meetings with contractors
  • Engineering (calculations and drawings) of pre-fill station
  • Co-set up commissioning plan
  • Supervision on site during civil construction work onshore and offshore
  • Supervision and control of progress of the contractors on site
  • Plan and lead weekly meetings regarding interfaces, planning and progress of contractors
  • Quality control of constructions (foundation, groundworks, steel constructions, reinforcement, concrete constructions)
  • Prepare, manage and issue work permits on the greenfield and brownfield
  • Coordinate interactions between operations and constructions
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