Project - Design of a shipyard, Venezuela

Design of a shipyard, Venezuela


Design of a shipyard, Venezuela

Project description

The main object of the project is the realization of a shipyard for ships with a maximum weight of 750 DWT. The shipyard consist of main hall, warehouse, transfer area and a slipway. Next to the main hall a warehouse is placed for the storage of material. The main hall is founded on open and closed steel piles. The warehouse is founded on several concrete strips. The transfer area, which allows the ships to move sideways on their cradle, has been designed as a concrete basin in which the excavated material is of the same weight as the ship to minimalize settlements.

Project activities

- Preliminary design, consisting of multiple alternatives;
- Detailed design, including concrete and reinforcement drawing;
- Construction design, shop drawings etc.

For the design of the slipway, various alternatives have been investigated, including a 1000 DWT ship lift.

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