Project - Immersion Aqueduct N31, Leeuwarden Netherlands

Immersion Aqueduct N31, Leeuwarden Netherlands

Project description

The new alignment of the N31 provincial road at Harlingen, Friesland, goes around the city centre of Harlingen and crosses the Harinxma canal, parallel tot he old bridge in the existing N31 road. Duet o the number of recreational (sailing) vessels passing the existing moveable bridge in the N31 being the cause of usual traffic delay, the new crossing has been designed as an aqueduct comprises two motorway tubes with 2 lanes each, with a low internal wall with columns in between. The aqueduct is suited only for motorway traffic.

Project activities
  • Design basis for immersion;
  • Design of the immersion system;
  • Design of the sandflow system;
  • On site support of the immersion team.
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