Project - Lock at Södertälje – ‘A design lock and execution methods’

Lock at Södertälje – ‘A design lock and execution methods’

Project description

The lock in the Södertälje Canal (Built in 1819 and completely renovated in 1924) is the youngest (an most widely used) lock in Sweden and is the first lock to be renewed. Renewal and replacement of the lock will be done without interrupting marine traffic. The lock in the Södertälje Canal is situated between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. The project consists of the extension and widening of the lock chambers, the construction of two new lock heads and lock gates plus a new bascule bridge. The client is the Swedish Maritime administration and the project is performed by Züblin Scandinavia AB in partnering with the client.

In this project, MH Poly uses its expertise both in design, and advice on the most efficient way to transport the constructed lock head. In combination with Iv Infra, the design of hydraulics and lock gate, the interfaces for the entire lock head are bundled in one joint venture. During the tender phase MH Poly indicated the interfaces between the separate elements of the lock, as well as identified optimisations and suggested a more efficient construction method to adhere to the strict restrictions with regards to channel blockage.

Project activities

- Winning tender design with alternative working methods;
- Design calculations: concrete lock heads including reinforcement and steel door design including hydraulic analysis, bascule bridge construction and abutments;
- Advice and design of method of transportation of fully built lock head;
- Drawings: plan overviews, construction details and cross-sections, 3D-animations;
- Reports: Design basis, sustainability report, drawing explanation guides, construction planning;
- Risk analyses for construction methods, for chosen structural parts, alternative foundation choices etc.

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